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About AUPAM (Arab Union for Pharmaceutical Producers and Medical Supplies):

AUPAM (Arab Union for Pharmaceutical Producers and Medical Supplies), with the permanent headquarters in Amman - The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and has an official office in Damascus (Syrian Arab Republic).

The Arab Federation of Pharmaceutical Producers and Medical Supplies is one of the Arab joint action organizations within the Arab Union of Arab Economic Unions, which operates under the umbrella of the Council of Arab Economic Unity. The Federation was founded in 1986 by a decision of the Arab Economic Unity Council, following a recommendation by the Arab Health Ministers Council. Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

The mission of the Union is to achieve the highest level of Arab medical security by achieving the following strategies:

  • Developing the manufacture of Arab medicine and providing it to the citizen with the lowest cost and the highest quality.
  • Encourage the establishment of a common Arab pharmaceutical market.
  • Encourage the manufacture of raw materials and packaging materials.
  • Develop, develop and coordinate the areas of work of its members and strengthen the links between them.

The Federation has a Board of Directors representing Arab pharmaceutical industries from all Arab countries. Since its establishment, the Federation has worked on a series of Technology Seminars, Conferences, Technology based Workshops and publishing:

AUPAM Seminars / Conferences:

1. Good Practice Conference for Arab Pharmaceutical Industry, Amman (1987)

2. Development of pharmaceutical manufacturing in the Arab World, Casablanca (1988)

3. Conference on a joint Arab pharmaceutical market, Amman (1990)

4. Conference on the transfer, resettlement and development of pharmaceutical industry technology, Cairo (1992)

5. Conference of Persistence Studies in Pharmaceutical Industries, Damascus (1994)

6. Conference of Biotechnologies and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Baghdad (1995)

7. Conference on a joint Arab pharmaceutical market under GATT agreements, Cairo (1996)

8. Biotechnology Conference in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Amman (1997)

9. Conference on Bioequivalence Studies, Amman (1998)

10. Future prospects for Arab Pharmaceutical Industries under the Arab Common Market, Cairo (2002)

11. Conference of the Arab Pharmaceutical Industries, Sharm El Sheikh (2006)

12. Conference of Jeddah Forum / Towards a unified Arab art file, Jeddah (2007)

13. Honoring Amman Forum / Towards Standardization of Drug Registration Criteria in the Arab Countries, Amman (2009)

14. Conference of the Arab Pharmaceutical Industries Forum 14, Amman (2010)

15. Symposium on property rights and their effects on the Arab pharmaceutical industry, Aleppo (2006)

16. Conference of the Arab Pharmaceutical Industries Forum, Amman (2011)

17. Industry Forum 16th Pharmacy Amman (2013)

18. The 17th Arab Pharmaceutical Industries Forum - Health and Pharmaceutical Legislation, Amman (2014)

19. The 18th Arab Pharmaceutical Industries Forum - The Future of the Arab Pharmaceutical Industries, Amman (2015)

20. The 9th Ninth Arab Pharmaceutical Industries Forum - Challenges of the Present and Future Prospects, Riyadh - Saudi Arabia (2016)

21. Arab Pharmaceutical Industries Forum "Supporting the Arab Pharmaceutical Industry", Cairo (2017)

AUPAM Publications:

1. Directory of Arabic medicines

2. The Arabic Code in the prevailing principles of good practice for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. It was adopted by the Council of Arab Ministers of Health

3. The Arabic Code in the principles of tests of the stability of pharmaceutical preparations. It was adopted by the Council of Arab Ministers of Health